• <strong>Energy EFFICIENCY service provider</strong>

    Energy EFFICIENCY service provider

  • <strong>Save upto 60% in Energy Costs</strong>

    Save upto 60% in Energy Costs

  • <strong>Enhancement of Quality of Lighting</strong>

    Enhancement of Quality of Lighting


Reduce your Bills by upto 50%
Free Energy Audit
Outstanding Customer Service
Amazing Results in your Pocket

Positive Energy

We believe that properly implemented energy efficiency solution can save up to 60% of your cost of energy while potentially supporting a significant increase in business.

However, you need a partner who understands your objectives, and the process in integrating the solution. Your energy efficiency solution provider should realize the financial benefits to your organization, understand the importance of visual and physical comfort of your clients and customers, and have the ability to assess the impact of enhanced lighting to their business, and the social capital you could build through such a process.

Therefore you should partner with a,

  • That understands our corporate objectives and implement the best suited technology / product solution (A knowledgeable and passionate energy efficiency company)
  • The solution which does not push a particular product or brand (A product agnostic company that does not push what’s in their ware house but the true need for the solution)
  • Solution provider who would take care of the end -d end process. (let you focus on your core business)
  • Share the same values of you in preserving the environment. (a company that has an objective of saving 3,000,000 KWh per year)

Product agnostic approach

Every Watt saved makes our planet a greener place

Outstanding value for money

World-class products and technological solutions

Exceptional customer service

End-to-end energy efficiency solutions


  • 88 Supermarket has great products loyal customers. We wanted to give a greater shopping experience to our existing clients and draw more new clients. We have been able to achieve that through the lighting enhancement project through Positive Energy Positive Energy has been prompt and efficient in its designing, and implementation. In addition, we have saved…

    88 Super Market
  • Positive Energy Approached with two promises and am happy they have delivered. The hydro bill has come down significantly. More importantly, it has improved the visual comfort to such an extent that the stress and tiredness on my eye is no more. The lighting is so evenly distributed and very detail. I am truly experiencing what Positive Energy…

  • We are located right at the intersection of Kingsway and xxxx and is the house for the best Dosa’s in BC.The lighting of positive energy makes the restaurant very visible from outside while the customers have a great dinning ambience. With great food and ambience, Dosa house experience has been highly spoken of. Positive Energy knows how…

    Dosa House
  • We wanted to be seen. That was what we told Positive Energy. Now it is impossible to miss Dosa Factory if you drive down Kingsway in Vancouver. You let them know your lighting requirement and they know how to address it. The team is very flexible and friendly. They are true lighting proffessionals.

    Dosa Factory
  • I have fulfilled all my lighting needs through positive Energy as I fully rely on their professional approach. They have a very committed. Their suggestions are very valid and their entire approach is simple. It’s a pleasure working with them. They know my business need and every solutions started with an energy audit and a lighting analysis.

    Polo Market
  • Energy efficiency and enhancement of lighting are both important as we continue to serve the local community for the past 80 years. I am glad to give this testimonial to positive energy who are able to bright in positive results in both the spectrums. While lighting is one key advantage, we like to support their cause in their…

    Famous Food
  • The lighting solution provided by positive energy tremendously helped us in creating the perfect working environment which entails continuous meticulous and analytical work. It’s much easier on the eyes and the team is able to concentrate for much longer periods of times. The payback of under three years makes this an ideal business case. With a partner like…

    Liberty Tax
  • Positive Energy was involved with for seasons for the successful energy efficiency lighting project. They fulfilled the tasks professionally and timely. Their analysis and suggested solutions have been commendable.

    Four seasons
  • Positive Energy enhanced the lighting solution with a positive cashflow from day one. Yes- that’s true.The instalment of their payment plan (installment payment of the lights and post LED Hydro bill) was less than the regular lighting costs… We paid it through our savings.. Better lighting, positive cashflow. The decision to go with Positive Energy was a…

    Thurga Groceries

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